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Adina Eden's Summer Pop- Up

Adina Eden Eden's Summer Pop- Up

Adina Eden’s Jewels First Summer Pop Up Shop

Did you get a chance to pop over to Adina Eden’s Jewels first pop up shop?! In the first week of July, we set up shop in DUMBO to showcase our summer 2021 collection. From our camp jewelry collection to our rainbow jewelry collection, shoppers can see our most loved pieces in person, instead of just seeing them online. There’s something unique about holding a piece of jewelry in your hand and trying it on before making a purchase decision. Don’t get us wrong — we love selling online because we’re able to cater to people all over the globe. But being able to have a brick and mortar, even temporarily, allows us to meet our Adina Eden’s Gals in person. And we absolutely love meeting you all!

To kick off the start of summer, we hosted an event for our friends, family, and Adina Eden’s Gals at the pop up shop. Madi Teeuws, Christina Harris (@beautychickee), and Gossip Girl’s Whitney Peak are just a few influencers who attended. Jaja tequila, poppi soda, and Allie's banana bread sponsored some goodies. There were drinks, chatter, and lots and lots of jewelry (duh). There’s nothing like being in a room full of people who love jewelry as much as me. I kept looking around and admiring everyone who came out to support my brand. Since we’ve mostly been an e-commerce business, it’s been fun to watch our customers shop IRL as opposed to clicking add to cart. In person, I’m able to help visitors find the perfect gift for a friend or a staple necklace that they’ll wear for years to come. Since I’m the designer behind the pieces that they’re trying on, I know my collections through and through and can give them valuable input. 

I want my customers to leave whatever else is happening in their lives behind when they walk through our doors. Our goal is to make our customers happier when they walk out of our shop than when they walked in. 

Check out Adina Eden’s Jewels pop up shop at 55 Water Street through August TK!

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