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All Adina Eden products are free from nickel, brass, zinc, and titanium. 

Pure 24K gold is very soft on its own, so metal alloys are added to provide a sturdy 14K base for more durable jewelry. Classic 14K yellow gold is made by mixing pure gold with metals like copper and rhodium. 14K white gold, which has a silver appearance, is a mixture of gold and palladium. 14K rose gold is a mixture of gold and copper, which gives a distinct pink tone. 
Alongside our Fine jewelry collection of solid 14K gold, we also currently sell gold-plated and gold-filled fashion jewelry. Fashion jewelry is made from high-quality .925 sterling silver with gold overlaid. Gold-plated jewelry is made of silver which is then given two generous dips in a bath of molten 14K gold. Gold-filled jewelry is made with a thin core of silver and a thick outer layer of 14K gold is wrapped overtop.  
We hope this information gives you the confidence needed to make an educated decision on your Adina Eden purchase. If you need anything else, please contact customer service with specific questions.

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