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These are many theories on how to properly layer necklaces, but they all have one thing in common: it’s an art, a personalized art. There’s a look for everyone out there but rest assured, we know the golden rules of how to layer necklaces properly that will have you standing out wherever you go. Take a look at the expert list of tips and tricks we pulled together for you to know how to layer necklaces to perfection.


Tip 1: Look Toward Length for Guidance of Effective Necklace Layering

One of the biggest things to think about when you layer necklaces is the different lengths. Choose a combination of different length necklaces where no one length is the same for the perfect effect. This lets you easily achieve a stunning waterfall effect in which each necklace not only stands out on its own but builds up the entire style.

When you begin layering, start from the top and work your way down. A piece that hangs just above the collar bone like a chic choker is a wonderous jumping off point. From there, add another piece every 2-3 inches. Round off the entire look with an elegant lariat for the complete effect.


Tip 2: Flaunt a Theme When You Layer Necklaces

One of the easiest ways to make a stylish statement is by keeping within an elegant theme when you layer necklaces. Rock a celestial theme if you’re out and about on the town with friends. Create a fluttering sense of fashion with a bevy of butterflies when you next meet up with the girls. Flaunt some vintage-inspiration with a lock pendant collection at the office.

When you show off a collection in your layers, it instantly exudes a sophisticated, polished style. So, choose a theme, pair it with your favorite outfit and head out with friends confident that you will surely have all heads turning in your direction.


Tip 3: Add a Classic Pendant Design for a Guaranteed Necklace Layered Look Winner

Layering necklaces can get a bit cumbersome if you don’t take care to break-up the look. This is where a classic pendant necklace comes handy. Timeless designs like an elegant bar pendant necklace or a stylish mini lock necklace serve as brilliant jewelry pieces that divide up a layered look into one or two tiers. Regardless of what type of classic design you choose, these pieces will be essential for solo wear in your daily rotation for seasons to come.


Tip 4: Layer Necklaces to the Neckline of Your Top

Layering necklaces is not a “one size fits all” science. For that, your different tastes in tops and blouses require different layering styles. Cute crew-neck tees enable you to wear pops of colors and bold centerpieces that complement the overall look. Deep V-Neck cocktail dresses let you flaunt an alluring look that is only complete when you show off a stunning lariat. Necklines and necklaces go hand-in-hand. Match up your necklines to the necklaces and you’ll shine bright anywhere. 


Tip 5: Go Big in Bold or Subtle All Around

How you layer a necklace can go into two different directions: big and bold as the main attraction or as a subtle yet sweet complement for your elegant attire. That’s why we can’t help but fall in love with necklace layering over and over again; it simply works.

For a big and bold vibe, try stacking up different chain necklaces of varying thicknesses. Got a white button-down but don’t know how to wear it? Try an elegant paperclip chain necklace paired with a chic Cuban-style choker, a mid-length twisted rope chain necklace and toggle chain necklace for a vibrant mix. If a white button-down is a bit subtle, try a color t-shirt dress, or a chic black silk tank. With these combos, your style will win the night.

Sensing a more subtle tone? Delicate pendants and sweet charm necklaces will be your go-to. If you have a beautiful cocktail dress that needs a little bit of sparkle or an elegant blouse that could use a glow-up, pendant necklaces like an alluring CZ-stone adorned starburst pendant necklace or an arresting handcuff necklace will be the perfect complement.

Bold or subtle; whatever you choose, layering necklaces will make a statement either as the showstopper or as a complement. You choose now as how best to shine bright. 


Tip 6: Mix It Up for a Vibrant Flair

Mixing metals …this might break one of the oldest rules in the rules of jewelry fashion. Nowadays, this is certainly not the case; especially not for fashion-forward trendsetters like Adina Eden’s gals. Mix it up. All of it.

Mixing up your metals provides a new dynamic to the look and texture of your layered necklace style. Pair a lovely sterling silver oval link necklace with a timeless gold plated sterling silver herringbone necklace as an elegant starting point for a vivacious mixed metals vibe. Add a captivating two-tone chain link necklace to the mix to bring everything together.

When you mix and layer, you transform into a completely new, shimmering example of what style can be. You’re pushing the boundaries of conventional fashion and, babe, we’re right there with you.




How you layer necklaces is a personal art with a few simple tips to set the stage for an amazingly versatile range of styles that you can rock day or night. Don’t be afraid to mix up gold with some silver. Layer up a choker with an elegant pendant necklace and a lovely lariat for the full effect. Go big with chains or subtle with charm necklaces depending on your mood. Consult our quick guide for what to wear for different necklaces. Evoke an irresistible theme of hearts, locks or butterflies alike. Honestly, you can layer necklaces in so many ways, we can’t count. Have fun and shine bright!

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