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4 Everyday Jewelry Essentials

4 Everyday Jewelry Essentials

Many women have a drawer or jewelry box filled with jewelry. They also may have a closet or drawer filled with clothes. But most women will tell you that they only wear a ⅓ of those items because they match everything, they’re the most comfortable, and they are the most quality pieces that they own. Less is more when it comes to jewelry. The basics or essentials will become the pieces that you wear over and over again or never take off once they’re on.

When thinking of essential jewelry pieces, it’s best to think of the pieces that aren’t essential. What are the pieces that you wear on special occasions or seasonally or only when you wear a certain color? Put those pieces aside and make room for the jewelry you’ll wear all the time. This will become the go-to jewelry that you’ll want front and center in your jewelry box.

Here are some of our fave essentials:

Thin Round Hoop Earring 14K

Rock the perfect hoop for any occasion that’s expertly crafted in glowing 14K gold. Don’t be afraid to stack ‘em with drop earrings or studs —they’re basic that basically go with anything!

Singapore Chain Necklace 14K

This simple chain necklace elegantly lays on your neck and still steals the show with its understated charm. It will be even more dazzling with other sparkling 14k necklace besties that want to join the crew. 

Puff Mariner Link Bracelet

These puff-styled mariners on a delicate chain mix bold and subtle materials that complement each other perfectly. 

Baby Pavé Cuban Link Bracelet

This “baby” link bracelet is small in chain size but big in sophistication. Rose gold? Gold? Silver gold? Take your pick!

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