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4 Jewelry Trends Winter 2021-2022 at Adina Eden's Jewels

4 Jewelry Trends Winter 2021-2022 at Adina Eden Eden's Jewels
 4 Jewelry Trends Winter 2021-2022 at Adina Eden's Jewels


It's the most wonderful time of year, with gifts and family galore! Now's the perfect time to request that winter necklace or pendant you've had your eye on from Adina Eden's Jewels. With the winter season upon us, it's time to switch out your summer jewelry and bring in winter jewelry trends. You can still keep the staple jewelry you wear all year round, but you might want to add some winter white designs to your collection. We're also running a 30% sitewide holiday sale now, so get in your requests to Santa stat!

Unlike spring or summer jewelry, winter jewelry consists of darker colors and chunky statement pieces. We're moving away from the dainty and elegant pieces and leaning into the edgy and bold pieces that can keep up with sweater weather. If you're wearing a chunky sweater with your hair down (sweaty weather is behind us), then you'll want your jewelry to show over your layers of hair and layers of clothing. Our motto? The chunkier the jewelry, the better. 

The winter season can be a drab to many east coasters, but jewelry can make those cold winter days so much better. Plus, your turtlenecks and earmuffs will thank you once you give them some company. Our chokers, hoop earrings, and chunky gold chains love when people show them off. We can't wait to see how you style our pieces. 

Ahead, learn about winter jewelry trends for 2021- 2022 and Adina Eden's Jewels pieces to match. We've seen these trends at New York fashion week shows including Prabal Gurung, Dior, Givenchy, Lanvin, Simone Rocha, Valentino, Versace, and other designer brands. 

Chunky Gold Jewelry

Unlike dainty jewelry, chunky gold jewelry is meant to be one of the first things people see when you walk through the door. These pieces will make your first impression go smoothly, whether you're on a date or bump into a stranger on the street. If you're looking to keep things subtle in the clothing department, get loud with your chunky Adina Eden's Jewels pieces.

Here are some of our favorites:

Chunky Spiral Hoop Earrings: These twist earrings have a vintage vibe and come in yellow gold, rose gold, or sterling silver.

Chunky Textured Ring 14K: This gold ring can be paired with dainty rings and stand out from your hand party.

Chunky Oval Link Choker: Pair this chunky choker with a longer chain necklace that has chunky chains

Chandelier Earrings 

Statement earrings aren't going away any time soon, especially not the drop earring AKA chandelier earring trend. These pieces pair well with studs and other subtle earrings. Chanel has chandelier earrings too, but they're quadruple the price. 

Here are some of our favorites:

Pavé Butterfly Stud Chain Earring: We're loving this butterfly on top and chain dangling on the bottom.

Pavé Mariner Link Drop Stud Earring: Drop it like it's hot with these dangling studs that drop for days. Add a cute cuff or climber for the full effect.  

Diamond Tassel Earring 14K: These earrings have the wow factor you're looking for. If diamonds are a girl's best friend, these earrings are practically like a girl's sister. 

All the Pearls

Pearls are EVERYWHERE. In your hair, on your clothes — and yes, on your jewelry. Pearls are perfect for winter because they're winter-white and glamorous. When you wear pearls, you'll look like a modern-day Breakfast at Tiffany's star. 

Here are some of our favorites:

Wide Pearl CZ Ear Cuff: Your ears will be the life of the party with this chunky ear cuff studded with pearls. Pair it with a chandelier earring to complete the look.

Mini Pearl Stud Earring: Pearls don't have to be complicated. Simple studs will do the trick! Surround them with other pearl earrings for an ear party that's unbeatable. 

Pearl X Link Necklace: Don't know whether you're in the mood for pearls or gold chains? Well, this pearl necklace gives you both. 


Mariner Jewelry 

Let us show you the nautical ropes of mariner jewelry. These designs are subtly inspired by sailors and the sea. At Adina Eden's Jewels, we've dedicated an entire collection of mariner jewelry. Our obsession is real!

Full Pavé Mariner Chain Bracelet: You'd never be able to tell that this bracelet is inspired by sailor cable ropes. It comes in silver, black, or gold. 

Mariner X Freshwater Pearl Choker: One of our bestselling mariner piece is this chic choker half-filled with pearls and half-filled with gold chains.



What are the jewelry trends for 2022?

For winter 2021-2022, we're seeing a ton of pearl jewelry, chandelier earrings, chunky chains, gold jewelry, and vintage pendants

What kind of necklaces are in style 2022?

Pendant necklaces and chunky gold chains are popular pieces this winter.

What earrings are trending in 2022?

From winter 2021-2022, you'll be seeing a ton of chandelier earrings (AKA drop earrings). 

Is layering necklaces in style in 2022?

Yes, layering or "stacking" will still be in style in 2022. Just like you layer your clothing during the winter, you can layer your jewelry too.

Would you wear a choker in 2022?

Chokers are here to stay! They pair well over a turtleneck or crop top — it doesn't matter the season.

What are the trends in earrings for 2022?

Drop earrings (AKA dangling or chandelier earrings) are so hot right now. 

What is the most popular color for necklaces in 2022?

Gold is a big color right now and so are gemstones like turquoise and earthy hues. 


If you're in the market for fresh winter jewelry pieces, we hope you'll shop at Adina Eden's Jewels and check out our collection of necklaces, bracelets, anklets, fine jewelry, personalized jewelry, earrings, rings, and more. We even have a holiday gift guide that incorporates the winter jewelry trends that your friends and family will love!

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