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We are so excited to announce…


We are now Adina Eden, formerly known as Adina’s Jewels!


Even though our name has changed, our goal remains the same. Since we started Adina’s Jewels in 2015, our objective has always been to create stylish jewelry that’s accessible to everyone. We pride ourselves on creating high quality earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more styles at a wide range of price points. Our jewelry has been worn by celebrities, influencers, and women from around the world. We love knowing that our creations have made their way around the globe!


As we build a bigger community, Adina Eden (formerly Adina’s Jewels) aims to bring our customers even closer than ever to founder Adina Eden herself. Browse jewelry that will last you a lifetime while learning about Adina, the creator and founder of Adina Eden. What used to be a small business that we built in our parents’ basement, is now a household name, synonymous with the latest styles in fine and fashion jewelry made from gold, silver vermeil, and precious and semi-precious stones. We knew it was time to change the name of our brand to reflect how far we’ve come. Being that we’re a family-owned business, the importance of a name is not lost on us. After all, Adina was named after her grandmother, who she’s constantly reminded of.


Adina Eden is not just about jewelry anymore, it’s a name that represents a lifestyle and offers the modern woman an incredible collection of modern jewelry, and jewelry that will become timeless and treasured pieces in your jewelry collection.


Closing this chapter on a name we’ve carried for seven years wasn’t easy, but this new beginning gives us the opportunity to connect with all of you in a more meaningful way. As you scroll through our website and social media accounts, we want you to get to know our founder and story. That’s why we always take you behind the scenes of our office and day-to-day operations. We want to show you what it takes for us to create a special piece of jewelry for you.


Our jewelry isn’t going anywhere, and you’ll continue to see the classics. Some of our customers’ favorite collections include Adina Eden’s 14k fine jewelry, huggies, and personalized jewelry. We love being a part of your special occasions and accessorizing your outfits with the Adina Eden touch.


When Adina Eden began her company, she was a 19 year old college student. She always loved jewelry but thought she’d become a jewelry designer. “One day, I met my mom in Manhattan after she got off of work, and we went to a bead shop on 47th street. I was always collecting pretty beads, string, leather, and pearls. I would craft them into jewelry for myself when I got home,” Adina said. “Jewelry was something that spoke to me and for me. As the quiet girl who sat in the back of the classroom, I always felt a very special connection to and with the world of jewelry. Even as a little girl, I’d go to Claire’s with $10 that my parents gave me and spend hours in that store.”


Starting with just $100, Adina bought tools, materials, and everything she needed to construct her first piece. Once Adina started advertising her jewelry on social media, word got out. “I started crafting jewelry on my parent’s kitchen table to sell to other people,” Adina explained.


From there, Adina’s company only grew bigger. She recruited her brother, Mayer Kamkhatchi to become the CEO in 2015. After working from their parent’s basement for the first few years, they knew this office space (if you can even call it that!) wasn’t sustainable. They branched out with a new office (above ground!), that’s now filled with over 40 employees.


Just last year, Adina opened up a retail store in the heart of Soho, New York City. No longer just an online presence, Adina Eden was able to meet and get to know her customers in real life. Customers love getting their ears pierced, hanging out, and shopping the latest styles. They love being able to try on jewelry and seeing everything up close and personal. From a business that started in a basement to Forbes 30 Under 30, Adina Eden has made a name for themselves from humble beginnings. Adina has changed the way people view and wear jewelry forever.


Adina has always been adaptable to change, and this time is no different! With that being said…


Welcome to Adina Eden!  We appreciate you!


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