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Pink jewelry brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “pretty in pink.” And, we’re here to deliver just that for a tremendous cause. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To do what we can, we’ve partnered with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) to donate 10% of all purchases from our personally curated Pink Collection to this impactful organization. It’s the best type of fashion; it’s style for a cause.

For this reason, we thought it was only right to center our Pink Collection not only around elegant pink jewelry but around the butterfly; the transformative creature of Mother Nature that represents beauty, resiliency, hope, change and life. We carefully curated each piece of this special pink jewelry collection to reflect just that. What would jewelry be without style tips to go with it? In here, you’ll also find how to flaunt these gems as a true Adina Eden’s Gal. Seven pieces, seven styles just for you!


A Perfect Shade of Pink

If you’re looking for the perfect pop of feminine color to amp up your basics, look to the Pavé Pink Butterfly Huggie Earring. Darling and dainty, the pink CZ-stone adorned butterfly pendant of this beauty catches the eye in an instant. Wear it with a pair a CZ-stone studs, white blouse and a chic blazer at work for a look of cool sophistication. Going out with your boo? Try a cute midi dress and an exquisite clasp choker. Either at the office or out on a date, this beautiful piece of pink jewelry won’t let you down.


Delight and Dazzle at Once


Are you feeling the need to transform your cocktail ring stack? Want to add a bit of whimsical style and sparkle in once? If so, we present the Pink Pavé Butterfly Chain Link Ring to you. With a look like a bedazzled butterfly landed on your finger, this playful ring brings out the best of any outfit you wear. Pair it with a cute floral dress and one or two cocktail rings to take on the town. Brilliant for either day or night!


The Ultimate Feminine and Fierce Look


Feminine? Fierce? Yes, and yes. You can check both of those boxes easily with Adina Eden’s Pavé Pink Butterfly Chain Link Choker. It’s feisty, it’s fun and fabulous all in one dazzling piece. Pair this gem with a satin slip dress and a few daintier chains for a layered look that rises above anything else in the crowd.


A True Statement Piece


True statement bracelets that go well with anything are far and few in-between. This is why the Pavé Pink Butterfly Chain Link Bracelet by Adina Eden’s is such a jewel that you’ll never want to take off once you set eyes on it. Amp up your favorite bright pink cocktail dress with this gem and a few chic chain link bracelets. You’ll create the ultimate stacked look that’ll dazzle the crowds for days.


Subtle Sweetness Right Here


Meet the perfect partner-in-crime for your favorite outfit, no matter what it is, with Adina Eden’s Pavé Mini Pink Butterfly Necklace. It’s delicate. It’s brilliant. It’s versatile.  All three wrap up to create the perfect feminine touch you strive for in a jewelry box staple. Match this with a blush pink blouse and a couple larger pendant pieces and you’ll have an impeccable look that equals part sweet and sophisticated.


Power in Pink

Feel that power in pink come alive when you wear Adina Eden’s Pave Pink Butterfly Necklace. Sometimes you just need a piece like this; a perfect paradox of fashion-forward style. Sophisticated yet sparkling. Glam yet refined. You can’t beat it. Wear this gem alone as a solo stunner or layer it up with its daintier twin necklace or with a few other pendant necklaces that you can flaunt with a faux fur hoodie or a cute baby pink romper for a gorgeous vibe.


A Kaleidoscope of Style


When one exquisite butterfly is simply not enough for your soaring style, look toward Adina Eden’s Pave Pastel Butterflies Necklace. A kaleidoscope of butterflies flutters delicately on a dainty gold plated sterling silver chain to adorn your favorite sundress or floral top. It’s the perfect pink rainbow of dazzling CZ stones to brighten up any outfit. Brilliant on its own and absolutely perfect with another chic charm necklace, this is one of the pieces you can throw on and everything just makes sense.



From dazzling pendant necklaces that vibe the power of pink to rare bracelet statement pieces, Adina Eden’s Pink Collection not only is on the fore-front of style for feminine pink jewelry but contributes to a huge cause; funding research to find a cure to breast cancer. The key to eliminating breast cancer is in the research. And that’s exactly what our partner, BCRF does; it seeks to “prevent and cure cancer by advancing the world’s most advanced research.” This is done through fundraising, donations and getting the word out.


That’s why we need your help to make this happen. Adina Eden’s Pink Collection not only contributes a portion of all purchases to the organization but our community who can help spread the word in how this disease impacts so many lives and why a cure is so critical. Just as BCRF says, “research is reason” for getting involved. So, let’s do this, for our sisters, mothers, girlfriends, and all gals of the Adina Eden’s Community. Pink jewelry for a great cause! We shine bright and support our gals no matter what. Xoxo.

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