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There is a certain unspoken magic to a look when you wear a combo jewelry set. Combo jewelry sets add an extra bit of dazzle while also providing balance to your full assemble. If you have a love for layers or want to look cool and coordinated in your jewelry wherever you go, here are a few tips and tricks to make sure you get that look that will give you the full-effect.


Layer Your Jewelry Like Your Outfits

The saying “less is more” is not a saying for all ladies. The experts always say layer your outfits to be chic and versatile for the endless possible occasions that can present themselves to you throughout a day. Jewelry shares the same sentiments. Layering up your necklace, bracelet, earring or ring collections not only allow you to make quite the fashion statement but also enable you to subtly change up the look as you go from event to event. 

Combo jewelry sets help make this happen. Pair an eye-catching choker with a series of pendant necklaces. Flaunt a few link bracelets with your favorite vintage piece that you inherited. Rock a collection of dainty rings with a couple statement cocktail rings in mixed metals for a dazzling look.


Mix and Match those Metals

There is an old myth that says you can’t mix metals; that it’s a major fashion faux pas. No thing can be farther from the truth today. Jewelry is what you make it. Mixing metals gives you the ability to show off different fashions for different occasions while creating your own unique style. Wearing silver and gold adds a new dynamic to casual and professional attire alike. Gorgeous rose gold, gold and sterling silver bracelet combo sets or earring combo sets have a certain versatility that is not easily found since you can flaunt these sets at countless events.

While it is tempting to layer and stack up the silver, gold and rose gold to the max, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming so select with care but don’t be afraid to think outside the box with your bold and beautiful self.


Focus on One Part of the Body

Your body is your temple and combo jewelry sets worship it. Combo jewelry sets enable you to focus on specific parts of your body to flaunt. From ring stacks to heavenly hoops, combo sets can really take your style to the next level of magnificence while not being overwhelming. 

Wearing a deep cut V-Neck dress? Layer up on some stunning chokers, an elegant lariat and a chic necklace combo set to show off your lovely neck and chest. Do you want to make your ear game the envy of the party? Flaunt a series of chic studs and cute huggies. Showing off your new, cute manicure? Stack up on your cocktail rings and dainty rings to rock those fine nails of yours.

Layering and stacking up combo jewelry sets on one part of your gorgeous body can truly make the simplest of outfits simply dazzle. Choose your weapon and rock it!


Go with a Theme

Another guaranteed way to stack up combo jewelry sets that turn heads is to evoke a theme. Classic, opals, jungle, stars - the list goes on. Flaunting a theme can spark the imagination of those around you and transform your outfit.

Rock any theme with a little black dress or a white blouse-denim combination to accentuate the look and stand out. For a new take on vintage-inspired pieces, mix a beautiful pearl and antique coin necklace combo set with a pair of coordinated pearl earrings, you’ll be sure to receive compliments. If you’re feeling edgy, rock a mismatched theme for a fun, versatile and funky vibe.


From mixing metals to rocking eye-catching themes, combo jewelry sets provide an incredible amount of versatility and dazzle. You can embellish your office attire and going-out outfits to perfection without lifting a finger. Try these tricks today and flaunt your best self!

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