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Fall Jewelry Essentials

Fall Jewelry Essentials

We’re Falling in Love With These Fall Jewelry Trends 

I just got back from my honeymoon and I already have fall jewelry trends on my mind. My husband and I spent our vacation in different cities throughout Europe and all I kept thinking about (besides for the gorgeous views, of course), was the inspiration behind Adina Eden’s Jewels fall collection. 

Fashion inspires my jewelry designs, which is why the streets of New York and Europe have given me the best ideas. Big gold chains, for example, is something I’ve been seeing on loafers and bags. Now, I’ll be incorporating that trend into your fall collection. Some styles will be here to stay (we love our classics!), but we’ll be creating trendy versions of your favorite pieces. 

We’re about to make some bold statements this fall, and we want you to be in on the latest trends. We’ve already released our vintage gold lineup, which pairs perfectly with autumn weather, and we’ll continue to be adding fall pieces to our site in the coming months. Ahead, you’ll discover the fall jewelry trends we’ll be incorporating into our fall collections. 

Chunky Gold:

Out with the dainty jewelry and in with bold, chunky gold pieces. You’ll be seeing lots of gold chains over turtlenecks and cardigans this season. We’re talking big gold hoop earrings and chain necklaces that can be easily stacked. 

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Textured Earrings:

Don’t get us wrong, we love simple designs. But if you’re looking to make heads turn, we suggest you wear our new textured pieces. From twisted hoop earrings to solid ridged rings, we’re modernizing the vintage textures from our mothers’ jewelry boxes.

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Vintage coins can be worn as a pendant necklace or a charm bracelet. We sell the charms separately, so you can add ‘em to any chain. From our pearl coin necklace to our diamond zodiac charm, you can find a coin you love at various price points. 

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The enamel trend is still going strong! For fall, we’ve worked with brown, navy, hunter greens, and other transitional colors mixed with golds. You can expect to see some of your favorite pieces with new hues. 

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