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Gold Necklaces With Initials

Gold Necklaces With Initials

Adina Eden’s jewels is known for many things — and one of those things is our initial jewelry. We started selling initial gold necklaces from the very beginning. We knew these pieces were timeless gifts that women could wear every day. When our customers wear their nameplate necklace or another personalized jewelry piece, it’s something that was individually made for them. Everyone can buy the same pair of earrings or choker necklace, but not many people will rock the same exact nameplate as you. Even if you have a cousin or friend that has the same name as you, you can differentiate your piece with initials or a different font.

There’s a good reason why some of our best sellers are our classic personalized jewelry. Whether you’re looking for regular script, chunky script, block names, or initials, there are many variations to choose from. First, you’ll typically choose between a sterling silver and gold chain. Then you’ll choose your initial or type out your name for us to design your personalized piece. For each product, we include a video to feel like you’re trying it on in real life. You could also use the “preview your initial” feature with your custom text and chosen metal to see exactly what it will look like in person. If you’re feeling bold, you can buy one initial letter necklace with your first name initial and a second necklace with your surname initial for a layered necklace look. You can see how this looks with Adina Eden's Tiny Lowercase Pavé Initial Necklace where one letter pendant necklace is shorter than the other.

Personalized jewelry is the perfect gift for a loved one on their birthday, Valentine’s Day, anniversary, graduation, and any special occasion. With mother’s day gift season on the horizon, now would be the best time to show the women in your life how much you appreciate them.

Personalized necklaces are something any woman would enjoy wearing. You can never be too young or too old for a necklace that reminds you of your namesake and/or the name that your parents gave you at birth. You can even use a nickname, your kids’ initials, or simply write “mommy.” Whatever name you identify with and hold near and dear to you can be something you carry with you always. Whether you’re looking for an initial or full name, there are plenty of fonts and styles to choose from at Adina Eden’s Jewels in our New York stores or online.

Ahead, read about our favorite gold necklaces with initials and other personalized necklaces that we’re loving right now.

1: Gold Initial Necklace

The pave double initial necklace features an adjustable gold chain and two cubic zirconia initials. If you’re looking for a more affordable diamond initial pendant necklace, this necklace has all the glitz and glamour without the hefty price tag. Since the chain necklace is thin, you can opt for a played-down look or play it up with chunkier pieces and different-length necklaces. You can choose your own first name and surname or even choose your kids’ initials. Whatever you go for, we know It’ll be meaningful.

Shop the Solid Sideways Initial Necklace here.

2: Monogram Necklace

Looking for something a little more decorative? This gothic nameplate choker features a gothic font, as your own personal logo, with a thick Cuban chain of either sterling silver or gold plated sterling silver. Bold letters allow viewers to recognize your necklace from afar and know your name before you introduce yourself.

Shop the gothic nameplate choker here.

3: Name Necklace

Our 14k gold name necklaces go above and beyond to cater to your personal style. One of our favorites is the lowercase script nameplate necklace in 14 carat gold. Wear your name with pride on a dainty gold chain. Choose from A-z letters that make up your name and prepare for all the compliments to come. Many people have a personal story associated with their necklace. Some have been given a necklace second hand while others know their own necklace will be passed down to their namesakes.

Shop the mini lowercase nameplate 14K here.

4: Bar Necklace

Engrave your name in a bar necklace that’s distinguished by a cutout heart that’s waiting for someone to claim it. Give this heart initial necklace to someone you love who’d prefer an engraved gold bar pendant over a standard name necklace.

Shop the engravable open heart bar necklace here.

5: Lock Necklace

Engrave your initials on a lock necklace that will keep your secrets safe. The trending necklace is made from sterling silver and outlined with cubic zirconia details around the edges. You can add initial charms to the gold chain instead of engraving it onto the lock, too. Gift it to someone who’s your confidante and trusts you with their whole heart.

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