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Adina Eden’s Top Jewelry Picks That’ll Wow Mom This Year

Show your love to Mom this year with Mother’s Day jewelry that will simply wow her. The mamas of your life always deserve the best, especially this year. Elegant and timeless jewelry pieces are a surefire way to show your love, admiration, and devotion to the first lady in your life while letting her stand out all year long. 

Not sure what to get for Mom that matches her unique style? Don’t worry; we have you covered. We’ve curated a list of the best of the best jewelry for you that fits any mama’s style out there for Mother’s Day 2021. Check out the below for Adina Eden’s Mother’s Day Jewelry 2021 picks – these pieces will make your Mom shine brightest of all: 

A Loving Status Symbol: Mom Nameplate Bracelet

Consider this stunning piece as the elegant status symbol of your Mom’s standing in life. This bracelet is the perfect mix of love, chic design, and brilliant in one. Wear it solo as a cute show-stopper or as the finishing touch to any charm bracelet stack. Everyone will be envious of Mom’s place in your heart with this beauty.


The Classic Dazzler: CZ Colored Illusion Stud Earring

Brilliance at its best is this beautiful earring’s purpose. It’s the perfect piece for Mom to wear with her favorite cocktail dress and heels for a night out. Or wear it to glam up a pair of jeans and a t-shirt while running errands. It’s so versatile you can’t resist. Gift it with a lovely choker and lariat to create an elegant image that will have all eyes on her wherever she goes. 


A Loving Reminder: 14K Gold Solid Heart Ring

Nothing says love like a dainty heart ring. It says so much with its delicate 14K gold design and brilliant finish. This adorable ring is the perfect gift for the minimalist mama who loves the simple things in life. Let her add it to her favorite everyday 14K ring stack as a reminder of your love. It’s a gift she’ll wear forever.


Sparkle Like Never Before: Mini Pavé Mama Necklace


A sparkler like this will make your Mom instantly shine bright. The dazzling CZ stones make a fun statement of style, while the design celebrates her special place in life. Wear it in a cute charm necklace collection for the full effect.


Make Your Love Personal: Mini Initial Charm

Create a truly personal connection with your Mom when you gift her a customized initial charm. Design the initial to flaunt her nickname, an inside joke between you two, or simply an initial to represent the relationship you have with her. It’s your way of displaying your unique love. Wear it on a cute huggie and show it off proudly every day. She’ll never forget a gift like this!


A Timeless Beauty: Beaded Pearl Choker


Nothing says timeless grace like pearls. This piece is an amazing Mother’s Day jewelry gift for the down-to-earth, classics lover. Pearls represent the precious love you and your Mom have for each other. Plus, it goes with literally anything and everything. Pair it with a cute link chain and blazer or a chic pendant necklace and cocktail dress. Either way, Mom will look divine.


A Mother’s Day Jewelry Must-Have: Herringbone Necklace

The classic Herringbone necklace is the definition of the term “the jewelry box staple.” It’s elegant, eye-catching, and versatile in design which seamlessly adds a tone of sophistication to any outfit. Mom will look like a classic Hollywood starlet when she wears this beautiful necklace with a chic cocktail dress, heels, and a series of link chains for a gorgeous, layered look. If your Mom doesn’t have one of these iconic chains in her collection, now’s the time to make her shine bright.


Make Mom Sparkle Forever: Floating Round Diamond Necklace

Your love for your Mom is forever, just like diamonds, so why not pair the two? This dazzling round-cut diamond 14K gold necklace lets you do just that. The sparkle and elegance of a gem like this will make Mom dazzle forever whether she’s at work or out with friends. Complete the look when you gift her this beauty as well as a matching floating diamond lariat for a stunning layered style that’ll last the ages.


A Look That Goes Anywhere: The Mommy Travel Combo Set

Gift a complete look that can take Mom anywhere with this Mommy Travel Combo Set. The matching Juliette-style crystal stud earrings and necklace are a guaranteed fashion statement anywhere and everywhere on the road. It’s the perfect everyday accessory set. This set lets Mom shine bright like a diamond without the cost. Add a cute pair of petite CZ stone 14K studs to complete this unforgettable gift.



From precious pearls to eye-catching gems to personalized pieces, there’s something here in our Mother’s Day jewelry picks list that will touch Mom’s heart in an instant. She only deserves the best, and that’s precisely what we want. Whether Mom’s a travel-loving fashionista or a down-to-earth trendsetter, there’s something here for her. We love Mom and our top Mother’s Day jewelry picks are here to say that to everyone.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms around the world. We love you!


Adina Eden

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