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My Summer 2021 Plans

My Summer 2021 Plans

My Summer 2021 Plans — Honeymoon and More!

This summer will be my first as a wife and I’m so excited to spend more time with my husband. Last summer, we were just dating, and now we’ll be going on our honeymoon. Before meeting Isaac, I had nobody to run home to. I didn’t mind missing New Year’s Eve parties or Thanksgiving meals (seriously, I haven’t been to one in years). Because while people were out with family and friends, I was at the office until midnight getting everything in order during our busiest seasons. I’ve given up many summers for work, but this summer I’m taking advantage of the things that bring me happiness: my husband, travelling, and sunny weather. 

Isaac and I have never been away together so our honeymoon will be a wild experience for both of us. I plan on packing a full suitcase with pre-planned outfits filled with various jewelry options. Isaac, on the other hand, is a light packer and puts less thought into his outfit choices. We’re both excited to experience the world post-covid, while getting tested between each country. I’ve already planned an amazing itinerary that I’m excited to share with you guys once I’ve finalized the details! I’ll also be vlogging throughout our travels because I want to take you all along for the ride. There will be lots of adventure and lots of romance. Isaac and I both love the beach, so there will definitely be a lot of that. But we also want to experience new activities and go sightseeing together. 

As for Adina Eden’s Jewels, we plan on opening up our very first pop up store this summer! I’m nervous but mostly excited. We’re also opening our first brick and mortar store (!!!). There’s so much going on and I can’t wait to set the wheels in motion! I’m thankful that marriage has allowed me to slow down and take a step back to enjoy life beyond my business. If you need me this summer, I’ll be on the beach with my hubs, trying not to check my email!

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