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Adina Eden's Chunky Bracelets

For those of you who like your style to match your bold and vibrant personality, then Adina Eden's Jewels chunky bracelets are perfect for you! Adina Eden's chunky bracelets exude that necessary wow factor and are great for any occasion! Complement one of our chunky bracelets with a set of layered chain necklaces and some stunning hoop earrings.

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Pave Wide Watch Chain Bracelet
$ 95.00
Wide Elongated Paperclip Chain Bracelet
$ 44.00
Solid Large Clasp Wide Snake Chain Bracelet
$ 50.00
Pave Ridged Open Flat Square Link Bracelet
$ 150.00
Solid Open Circle Link Bracelet
$ 75.00
Boxed Elongated Mariner Chain Bracelet
$ 44.00
Round Elongated Chain Bracelet
$ 50.00
Solid/Pave Curved Link Bracelet
$ 125.00
Beaded Ball Bracelet
$ 10.00
$ 30.00

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