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A new era.

Welcome to a paradise in full-bloom — the dawn of a new expression of the Adina that you know and love. Our new namesake — Adina Eden — encompasses everything we admire: beauty, growth, passion and all that glitters. We're so excited to share this new chapter with you and can't wait to show you what we have in store.

Meet Our Founder

Adina Eden

Adina Eden has always had an implicit taste for Fashion and Accessories. As she progressed through college, designing & curating jewelry became her favorite hobby and later ventured out and founded Adina Eden, formerly known as Adina's Jewels. Adina Eden was named in honor of her late grandmother. As Adina Eden’s designs started making an impact in New York, she turned to her mother and brother to help make Adina Eden a household name & offer a unique line of trendsetting jewelry, at a reasonable cost, to divas all around the world.

"When a Woman Dresses Herself In Adina Eden, She Chooses Sparkle and Glimmer. She Is Making a Statement for Herself and for the World: I Will Shine. And When a Woman Shines, She Will Rise to Her Full Potential. You Shine and Rise… You Feel More Beautiful, and When You Feel More Beautiful, You Feel More Confident, More Powerful… More… You!"

The Adina Eden Community's Impact

1% of every Adina Eden purchase is donated to a nonprofit of your choice.
Check out the impact the Adina Eden community is making below.

Why The Butterfly?

The metamorphosis of a butterfly from an underestimated creature into a beautiful, powerful creation perfectly represents both my life, and the journey of Adinas.

As a child, I was often made to feel lesser than by my peers, and while I didnt know it then, I had a bright future ahead. I would come to change my own destiny by taking control of my life. I invested in myself, I studied, I trained and before I knew it I started a business on my own, and together we prospered.

Like a butterfly, I changed the course of my life and grew into the person I always dreamt of being, and I strongly believe that each and everyone of us can do it too!

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