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Adina Eden's Pastel Collection

Adina Eden Eden's Pastel Collection

5 Pastel Jewelry Pieces From Adina Eden’s Jewels Pastel Collection

Summer 2021 may be halfway over, but that’s not stopping us from wearing our pastel summer jewelry like it’s still the Fourth of July. If kids are going to summer camp adorned with pastel accessories, why can’t adults go to work dressed with their pastel jewelry? The pastel jewelry trend exudes happiness, freedom, and good vibes, which is exactly how we’re feeling this summer. People aren’t just buying pastel jewelry, they’re painting their nails pastel and eating pastels in the form of cotton candy and bubblegum. 

Aside from their pretty colors, pastels can make you feel calmer and remind you to cut yourself some slack. After all, summer 2021 is the summer of self-care. Wear your pastel necklaces and pastel bracelets while filling up a hot bath or journaling on the beach. Pair your pastel pieces with an evening of pastel sorbet or a pastel sunset overlooking the ocean. Shop our favorites from the pastel collection, below.

Pastel Chain Link Bracelet

This dreamy chain link bracelet is multi-colored with blue, pink, and blue pastels. Add a few of our charm bracelets to the mix to complete the look.

Enamel Chunky Chain Ring

Slide this open design pastel chain ring on and off with ease. With nine different color options, choose the pastel hue that speaks to your personality the most. 

Pastel Colored Chain Link Toggle Choker

Pastel chains link together to form the perfect choker that features a gold clasp in the middle. Wear it with an all-white outfit or a mini skirt that matches one of the multi-color pastels. 

Pastel Chain Link Anklet

Like the choker featured above, this chain link anklet features the same multi-color pastels and gold clasp in the middle. Wear these pieces together or mix and match as you please. 

Pastel Enamel Band

Wear, one, two, or three — we’re not judging! We love to stack our rings, especially when they showcase different pastel colors.

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