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Music and style become one in Casedi. She brings an incredible tone to the world of R&B with her deep, soulful voice. With a unique, natural talent and a passionate drive, Casedi’s continued unwaveringly on this path of melodic expressionism because she knows, at her roots, that music is truly her way of life. As a result, she proudly and confidently flaunts it to the world in the most authentic way possible. And this is exactly the level of authenticity and self-assurance we all strive to have. “Each and every one of us can be an inspiration by being our authentic selves. Because by doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others,” Casedi says to the Adina Eden’s community.

Since the age of three, this Southern California native has immersed herself in all things music. So much so that all her incredible skills are completely self-taught. Her debut official music video “Taken” came out in 2018. Since then, she’s only growing more and more in style and rhythm. She recently released a new single, “Routine” in December 2020 that she wrote and recorded that truly illustrates why she’s a star in the making.

This 20-year-old songstress attributes her success to practice and dedication to her work. That practice has paid off since Casedi’s gained a large digital following as a singer, songwriter and guitarist. Casedi lays out her musical talents in a genuine and unapologetic style that naturally attracts people. Her one-of-a-kind R&B recording and music artist vlog, the MXD Life, have grown her online audience to over 90K followers on Instagram and nearly 50K followers on Youtube.

It’s not only the music, Casedi’s audience loves but also her style. Casedi effortlessly weaves a chic fashion-forward yet elegant mix of jewelry in her music videos and digital presence. For Casedi, it’s all about large personalities and bold statements. Big hoops, butterflies and a touch of personalization fit perfectly into this. Let your fashion sense truly soar like Casedi’s when you transform any outfit in your wardrobe with a matching CZ stone butterfly necklace, bracelet and ring set.

Casedi perfects the art of chain necklace layering and so can you. Rock a chic Cuban chain choker and necklace set so you can take a page out of Casedi’s fashion notebook to stand out of the crowd. Pair this with a stunning stack of exquisite eternity bands and an eye-catching emerald-cut CZ ring to be Insta-ready wherever you are. If you’re like Casedi and sometimes need something a bit more laid-back but that still impresses, look at the subtle yet sparkling Diamond Initial X Butterfly Pendant Necklace and matching diamond bracelet. Delicately daring might be the term for Casedi’s style. Whatever it is, she wears it marvelously and wants you to sparkle with her as well.

The 2021 Take: 2021 takes all the best parts of 2020 (there were a few in there) and puts them together to be bigger and better than ever. If you have a love for chains and butterflies like Casedi look no further than the Pavé Butterfly Chain Link Choker to flaunt the best of both worlds in one fabulous design. Add the 14K Gold CZ Flower x Butterfly Ring to complete the effect.

Take your chain game to the next level with a larger-than-life XL Miami Curb Link Necklace or XL Cuban Chain Necklace. Wear a Large Clasp Oval Link Necklace with those pieces and you’ll turn heads everywhere through the new year. If you really want to go for the ultimate brilliant vibe, wear a pair of Diamond Butterfly Hoop Earrings with the chains – that look alone would win a Grammy.

With her resonating tone and remarkable style, Casedi flaunts an authentic, vibrant aura that catches the eye, ear and heart in everything she does. Her purpose is music, and this purpose shines bright in how she carries herself. “Living in your purpose can never take you the wrong way in life,” she tells us to remember.

So, live your purpose and be who you are, nobody else. That’s the type of inspiration we need today. For more authentic posts, stellar music and amazing styles, follow Casedi at @casedi on Instagram. Never change, Casedi. You’re fabulous!

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