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“Be true to yourself.” This is one of those sayings that we hear regularly but aren’t always sure about its real meaning and what we can do about it. Lillian Sato is an Adina Eden’s Personality that’s figured it out. This 21-year-old rising fashion designer originally hails from California but now lives in New York to pursue her dream to be a fashion designer. She has a love for fashion, and no one can stop her from making this a reality. “Many people question my decisions and wonder why I won’t choose something more practical and “normal.” But I’ve overcome my doubts by being true to myself and so far, I like where these decisions have led me,” Lillian says.

Those decisions have led Lillian to not only enhance her skills but create some incredible outfits along the way. She’s created over ten women’s suits by hand – not a small feat. Each piece is a unique piece of art that is 100% crafted and designed by Lillian. She mixes fabrics, textures and styles so effortlessly. Modern Boho meets Urban Chic in Lillian’s fashion designs. Her designs flaunt the best parts of modern fashion but with a touch of the past for a timeless flair. In her determination and passion, Lillian strives to dedicate her life to designing clothes that will make a statement anywhere.

Adina Eden’s story has fueled Lillian’s drive even further to follow her dreams and work for what she wants, regardless of the circumstances. The Adina Eden’s Community is a source of inspiration and admiration for Lillian. She wants to create a business all of her own (just like Adina Eden’s) and have the support system that helps her build it out successfully. This type of motivation is what fuels Lillian to remain true to her love for clothing design and continue on her journey to rocking the fashion world.

While Lillian’s designs rock a mix of urban and boho, Lillian’s personal style leans more to modern minimalism with statement vintage vibes or layers. You’ll see Lillian rocking a cool chain bracelet stack while she works which might include the Tennis X Cuban Chain Bracelet, an Extra Flat Cuban Chain Bracelet and an XS CZ Chain Link Bracelet. She’ll layer up the look with a fun series of necklaces that play off each other which include a Gothic Initial Choker, Extra Flat Cuban Necklace and U Link Toggle Necklace. Add a Chunky Cuban Chain Ring to the mix and you’ll have Lillian’s full work look down.

To counter the statement stacks with a subtle touch, Lillian wears huggies so naturally. Whether they’re cute Ring Huggies that are amazing for everyday wear or something with a bit of spunk like the Mini Open Star Huggie, Lillian makes fashion easy and effortlessly.

The 2021 Take: Flaunt some of the basic elements of 2020 from Lillian’s style but in a much more eye-catching way in 2021. Simple huggies are just the start of your 2021 stack. Stack those up with a couple different chunky hoops like the Thick Tube Hoop Earring and the Solid Wide Huggie to create a chic yet edgy look that lets everyone know you’re on the forefront of fashion. If you want to change your earring stack up, switch the huggies for statement studs. A Colored Stone Stud is a bright yet sleek way to amp up any outfit or rock a Star X Lightning Stud for a fun look. Pops of colors and pendants in your stack will never lead you astray.

Chains are strong with 2021. Keep the chain game sparkling with a larger-than-life version of everything – an XL Cuban Chain Bracelet, an XL Cuban Chain Choker and an XL Figaro Chain Choker. Complete the look with a cute chain anklet collection. Combine a Cuban Flat Anklet, a Baby Figaro Anklet, and a Rope Chain Anklet for the perfect mix. Rock all of this and you’ll be on the runway of life with your style.

From refreshing fashion to riveting style, Lillian is a glittering example of following your dreams regardless of the circumstances. She’ll rock the fashion world in the not-too-distant future, we know it. We admire her for her perseverance, determination and of course, her marvelous choice in jewels.

Follow Lillian on Instagram (@lilliansato.o) to see more of her amazing designs and adventure as she works to become an internationally renowned fashion designer. Keep conquering the world, Lillian, and being your true self! We love it!

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