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If you’re looking for the definition of fearlessness, confidence, passion and inspiration in human form, look no further than Megan Bugg. These are only a few of the words to describe this incredible gal. In her sixteen years, Megan’s experienced more of life’s challenges than most of us combined. She’s fought Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer for over 5 years with multiple remissions and relapses. Countless chemotherapy sessions, surgeries and radiation treatments have not hindered this stalwart warrior’s spirit and drive to overcome any challenge set before her. She reminds us “the life we’re given is a gift, and we should make the most out of it everyday.” Life truly is a gift and Megan acts upon this daily.

Megan blazes through the highs and lows in her straight-forward fearlessness and her personal mission to raise awareness and increase funding for childhood cancer. Why? Here’s a startling fact she’d like to share: childhood cancer receives only four (4%) percent of all cancer funding. This simply isn’t enough in Megan’s eyes and rightfully so.

She does whatever it takes to fulfill this mission with her grit, determination, bubbly personality and optimistic outlook. It’s Megan mission to change these numbers and shed light on the need for more direct help to cure childhood cancer. She’s followed through spectacularly on this mission by raising over $200,000 to date for new research and treatments. And this is the only the beginning for her. Megan will continue to fight and raise awareness until the job is done.

“Don’t sit around waiting for a change to happen, be the change!” This is one of Megan’s core message to the Adina Eden’s community. And these words are echoed in Megan’s feminine yet fierce style that easily transcend any occasion or mood.

Effortless style and timeless design come together in what Megan wears. Dainty pendant necklaces, personalized accents and cute huggie combo sets are only a few of her favorites. It’s modern sophistication at its best. Mix personal and pendant for a perfect match. Butterflies, locks, initials and hearts are fabulous here to rock one of Megan’s go-to styles.  Add a chic thin eternity band to the set for a delicate yet defined look that’s perfect for everyday wear. Try a sweet heart pendant necklace and stud combo to really rock the same love for life as Megan. This perfect blend of classic meets modern shows off Megan’s resiliency, courage, graceful style and passion for making a difference in the world.

The 2021 Take: Go for a bold and beautiful vibe in 2021 just like Megan is. As a starting point - take Megan’s fantastic fashion choices and build on them. Try stacking up that essential thin eternity ring with a baguette wrap band and a couple dainty rings. Just like Megan makes a statement in her mission and style, you can as well in your stack – take your travel essential ring stack and add a stunning CZ antique travel ring to it to really stand out.

This same attitude can effortlessly be taken with your go-to huggie set. Personalize your daily rotation with an elegant initial drop single or custom nameplate huggie to show off your life’s mission. Pair these pieces with a matching necklace and you’ll be at the forefront of modern yet timeless fashion.

From personalized pieces to effortlessly fun essentials, Megan’s passionate and vibrant personality is reflected in her fabulous sense of style. She acts as an inspiration to us all in what she does and how she looks while doing it.

Follow Megan’s journey on Instagram @megan_bugg7 to learn more about her amazing journey. Discover through Megan’s posts how you too can raise awareness on childhood cancer and push towards a cure. Let’s come together to make Megan’s story heard throughout the world. That’s what it means to be an #Adina Edensgal and an #Adina Edenspersonality.

Keep on shining bright, Megan. We love you!

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