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If you want to channel a delicate and darling style all year long, look no further than Nazanin Mandi Pimentel for inspiration. A prominent model, actress and singer, Nazanin embodies the confidence, and grace that makes up the Adina Eden’s Personality.

Nanazin got her start in entertainment through American Idol when, at the age 15, she made it to the top 35 on the hit reality show. Since then, this Santa Clarita, California native has dominated the artistic scene with her poise and style. In July 2019, she released her debut single, “Forever Mood” via Billboard. Also, in 2019, Nazanin opened up about her journey toward healthy weight maintenance, self-love and the challenges she’s faced in BET’s “Body of Work.” This frank and candid telling of her journey reflects Nazanin’s mission in life; love and flaunt who you are, no matter what challenges life might throw your way.

In the era of social media’s pressure for perfection, Nazanin encourages women to love who they are, inside and out. “Confidence, class and grace can defy ANY sort of doubt or worry you carry with you on the daily. Hope over fear…active over inactive. Ladies, we got this. Xoxo.” Despite ups and downs of life, remember, as Nazanin continuously touts, you can push through. Maintain an active lifestyle; exercise, eat healthy and take care of your mental health – this is the equation for success.   

With a positive yet persevering attitude, Nazanin promotes a key message of self-love and inclusive being not only in her actions but in her style. Whether it is rocking a chic choker and chain necklace layered look or displaying a pair of cute mini hoops out and about, Nazanin combines Old Hollywood charm and contemporary self-confidence. Want to flaunt your love for self like Nazanin pushes us to do? Try adding a dainty initial pendant necklace that you can personalize to your daily rotation. There’s no better way to promote who you are. For that delicate yet divine look that Nazanin so effortlessly wears, think mini pendant necklaces, petite huggies, chunky chokers and modish chains. These pieces are versatile, timeless and go with literally anything and everything. It’s the perfect balance of classic grace and modern style – a style Nazanin wears so well.

The 2021 Take: Vintage vibes shine bright in 2021. Give those classic pieces like Cuban chains, link bracelets and cocktail rings a pop of color from a rainbow of CZ stone colors. Think a Colored Baguette Cuban Choker paired with your favorite Twisted Paperclip Necklace. Consider a CZ Colored Baguette Stone Ring as a finishing touch for your going-out Eternity Band stack. Try a CZ Colored Oval Link Bracelet as a brilliant accent to your essential link bracelet stack. Whether you stack them all up at once or wear them individually, these combos are the perfect balance of modern color and classic confidence, just like Nazanin.

Keep the modern + vintage style going with a two-tone metal look in 2021. Whether it’s a cute link bracelet, an eye-catching hoop pair, a chic choker or a stunning chain necklace, the combo of gold plated sterling silver in one piece opens up a whole realm of fashion possibilities. It’s a unique match but a versatile style that you can easily embrace and wear with anything.

With elegance and grace, Nazanin approaches life and all its challenges with the same confidence that is at the heart of the Adina Eden’s community. She’s confident, poised and graceful just like our jewels. Follow Nazanin at @nazaninmandi on Instagram for more inspiring posts and exquisite fashion tips as she continues to promote her message of healthy living and self-acceptance. Keep rocking the world and showering love wherever you go, Nazanin. You’re a true Adina Eden’s Gal!

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