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Women’s empowerment is the foundation of the Adina Eden’s Community. This is why we had to feature Sasha Benz as one of our Adina Eden’s Personalities. As the owner and founder of Wyld Blue -  a thriving luxury vintage fashion and jewelry line based in Montauk, New York – Sasha knows all about what it takes to work from the ground-level up to achieve your dreams. Over the years, she crafted a network of amazingly talented individuals who have supported, helped and guided her in fulfilling her goals in the styling world.

Now, Sasha strives to do the same with other ambitious and creative gals. “Nothing feels more empowering than sharing success with other incredible women. I’m proud to say that we have many women run small businesses in our stores,” Sasha says. Creativity, love, style, support, imagination and adventure are all characteristics that form the foundations of women’s empowerment for both Sasha and Adina Eden. That’s probably why we vibe so well. “It’s important to me to always be supporting other female entrepreneurs and including them in my own success whenever possible,” states Sasha.

Leveraging her unmatched fashion sense from years working in New York and Australia and her keen eye for exquisite details, Sasha has built out a brand that combines vintage charm with modern style. She succeeded in doing this by bringing together the movers, shakers and creators of her network and empowering those around her to use their talents toward one common end goal – create a fashion line that reflects the adventure and spirit of life. As a result Wyld Blue and its sister shop, Wyld Black, offer an exquisite variety of luxury clothing, jewelry, home goods and accessories ranging from textured hats to sensual bodyshape candles in homewares to chic neutrals to wear on any occasions. All her hard work and dedication to building out this incredible brand has paid off - Wyld Blue has just opened its second store in Aspen, Colorado.

Sasha’s personal style reflects the tones of Wyld Blue and her love for travel, adventure and global aesthetic; her style is a vibrant array of mixed patterns, timeless designs and statement pieces. Mixed chain necklace layers and charm ring stacks are some of Sasha’s daily go-tos. Try a balanced look that uses a thin, medium and chunky chain design to reflect Sasha’s exquisite style. Create a gorgeous layered mixed chain look when you wear a Toggle Chain Necklace, Snake Chain Necklace, Pavé X Solid Waved Link Necklace and Hexagon Link Choker. It’s the perfect balance of all chain styles. If you want to rock an accompanying bracelet stack that makes everything you wear dazzle then the mixed metal Tennis Bracelet Combo Set is the answer.

Necklaces and bracelets aren’t the only thing that Sasha rocks. Sasha loves her versatile charm rings that create a pretty essential stack. Use with a cute CZ Trio Colored Stone Ring as the eye-catching base and pair it with a mini charm ring (hearts, lightning bolts, crosses and crescent moons are exceptional here) and a chic Solid Claw Ring for a brilliant start. Add a Harem Chain Ring for an extra bit of sass. Compliment this stack with a few dainty drop huggie earrings – the Lightning Bolt Huggie, Safety Pin Earring and the Diamond Evil Eye Huggie Earring make a fun and funky mix. You can’t go wrong with it.

The 2021 Take: Go bigger and more brilliant with your 2021 style. Sasha’s go-to jewelry choices lay the foundations to do just this. Think “oversized” for your chain bracelet and necklace layers. Take a look at the XL Miami Curb Chain Bracelet, the XL Miami Curb Chain Necklace, the XL Cuban Chain Choker, and the XL Hollow Figaro Choker for larger-than-life inspiration.

Continue to mix and match different styles. Focus on your arm candy for a dazzling feel through 2021 and for years to come with 14K bangles and bracelets. They’re timeless, brilliant and goes with everything. Wear a dainty Diamond Bangle as a solo statement piece that balances your favorite chain stack for a chic vibe. Try the Diamond Claw Bangle if you’re looking for something a bit sassier.

Huggies and studs are a perfect way to mix up and stack up your look in 2021. Take Sasha’s love for dainty drop huggies and add a couple cute singles like the Celestial Mismatched Earring Set to create a truly unique look. Singles are here to stay so embrace the trend with Sasha’s style. If you’re going out on the town, try wearing a CZ Multi-Shape Chain Stud single to add a truly awe-inspiring asymmetrical appearance to your stack. For everyday wear, work a pair of Tiny Teardrop Stud Earrings or a set of CZ Triple Star Studs or a Crystal Butterfly Stud pair into the rotation.

2021 celebrates vintage vibes to the fullest so shine bright in those retro-inspired chains. If you want to flaunt a solo piece that works beautifully with any outfit, look to the classic Herringbone chain. When this gem is worn as a necklace and a bracelet combo, you’re unstoppable and will embody Sasha’s daily energy.

As the founder of Hamptons-based Wyld Blue, Sasha knows what it means to build a dream from the ground up. Through hard work and dedication, Sasha has succeeded in creating a flourishing fashion business and empowers others to do the same. She understands the importance of being there for each other and lifting up fellow women entrepreneurs and creators in whatever they seek to do while looking amazing at the same time.

Follow Sasha on Instagram (@sasha.benz) to discover more about this incredible gal and be sure to visit Wyld Blue to support Sasha and independent women artists.


Thank you, Sasha, for lifting others up with your motivation, style, adventures and spirit!

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