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A timeless look, a graceful touch, a sophisticated style; perhaps these are the elements that show us all why diamonds (or at least diamond jewelry) can be a girl’s best friend. Not to mention an alluring sparkle that catches the eye no matter where you go. None of this, however, holds truer than for the gals of April.

Strong. Confident. Romantic. These are just a few of the words that you can use to describe the incredible nature of diamond jewelry. Due to their amazing versatility, dazzlingly clear color and astounding durability, diamonds are so much more than just a symbol of everlasting love and the romantic side of life. Diamonds are meant to last the ages and add a touch of sparkle to your style whether you’re at the office or out with friends.

Rock this iconic gem in gorgeous necklaces, captivating earrings, breathtaking bracelets or stunning rings to shine the brightest of everyone around you. Dress them up, wear them casually, add them to your everyday rotation or channel your inner romantic. Whatever you choose to do with your diamond jewelry collection, you can’t go wrong.  Here’s how:


Dress Your Diamonds Up

Heading out to a glamorous cocktail party but not sure how to turn heads? Nothing adds a touch of elegance and grace to any outfit more than a series of diamonds. A pair of diamond drop earrings is the perfect partner-in-crime that you can count on to make a splash at any chic affair – a touch of dazzle while maintaining a sophisticated style. To really “wow” the crowd, trying rock these gems with a simple full-length slip dress. It’s the perfect balance of simplicity and class.

If you need a guaranteed gorgeous look for a daytime soiree, look no further than “diamond lariat meets adorable deep V-Neck t-shirt dress.” Charming and eye-catching in one combination. The diamond lariat amps up the style of any neutral tone t-shirt dress marvelously. Add a few diamond bracelets to the mix to play up the level of sparkle and you’ll be the belle of any event. From daytime parties to evening cocktail hours, diamond jewelry provides a fail-safe, amazing style choice for you to look your best and brightest so dress those diamonds up.


Wear Your Diamonds All Day, Everyday

Who says diamonds only need to be for parties and formal events? Nobody. Diamonds are actually brilliant add-ons to take your everyday style to the next level. Eye-catching without going over the top, cute diamond huggies create a trendy look that you can take anywhere. Rock these gems with a sleek denim jumpsuit to truly flaunt your fashionista self at your next coffee date with friends.

If you’re more of a necklace gal, look to a brilliant diamond tennis necklace to accent your favorite white blouse or sundress to perfection. This impressive piece is both stylish and versatile to no end, so it can easily be your next “go-to” necklace for your everyday stack. To add a pop of color, wear a fun jean jacket with a spray painted back to create an attention-grabbing view. When your friends see the color of the jacket and the sparkle of your necklace, they’ll be asking you for fashion tips in a minute. Diamond jewelry is such an effortless way to make your daily earring and bracelet stacks and go-to outfits stand out so wear them proudly and stress-free.


Flaunt Your Romantic Side

Who can’t help but be a romantic around diamond jewelry? The gem of everlasting love, diamond sparks a sense of affection and charm however you wear them. Be a romantic during the day or night with any of your diamond jewelry. For a magical vibe during the day, flaunt an adorable pastel floral blouse-skirt combo with a lovely bezel diamond choker to charm hearts in these warm spring months. Add a diamond-studded butterfly ring to perfect the look. Always remember - pastel colors and diamonds; the duo that will make you spring’s best friend wherever you go.

Spring diamond looks are not just for the day – it is also the perfect season for romantic nights out. Have a date and want to look drop-dead gorgeous? Try a dainty cami and a pair of dark jeans with a set of diamond-studded 14K gold drop earrings for an exquisite view that will have your date astounded. It’s simple yet exceptionally stylish.



Sophisticated, dazzling and graceful, diamond jewelry easily sets you apart from everyone else when you wear such classic and timeless pieces. Whether you choose to flaunt a diamond-studded bracelet or a jaw-dropping pair of diamond earrings out on the town or just to the grocery store, the beautiful manner and resounding vibrancy of this gem will last you for years to come. So, as a gal of April, embrace your birthstone to the fullest effect because it simply dazzles.

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