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How to Adjust Your Huggie Earrings

How to Adjust Your Huggie Earrings

Have you ever tried putting in your huggie earrings only to struggle with clasping the lever back in place? We absolutely love huggie earrings, but we know this is a problem that many huggie owners experience. Thankfully, there’s a really easy way to fix this that doesn’t involve a jewelry repair or a new pair of earrings. 

Typically, the small huggie hoop earrings are designed on a slant. Therefore, they need to be opened diagonally. Once you have it opened, you’ll see a long, curved pointy metal and an indented notch that lock together once they’re clasped in place. You should hear a snap, which indicates that the metals have joined one another and you’re safe to go about your day without worrying about a missing earring. 

But sometimes, the level back fastening can be stubborn and may need to be adjusted to ensure it can still click and clasp properly. There can be multiple reasons why this would happen. If you push the notch too hard, it can disconnect the pointy post and no longer connect to the other end. 

In order to adjust the pointy post, you’ll need to pull it up gently with pliers. Make sure not to pull too hard because you might break it. As you slowly lift the post, you can test how it fits with its counterpart. Line both sides up at the center and push them together. If you hear a click, that means the post went into the locking area and you’ve done a job well done. Don’t expect the clicking sound to sound exactly like it did before! If it doesn’t sound as loud, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t worked. As long as you hear a click of any kind and it feels snug in your ear, you’re good to go!

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