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The Valentine's Day Jewelry Gifts Sale

The Valentine's Day Jewelry Gifts Sale

Valentine's day is one of the most romantic times of the year. It's a day for people to share their love for one another — whether that's with yourself, your bestie, or your partner. 

Thanks to a man named Saint Valentine from ancient roman history, people celebrate this holiday on February 14th every year. This was during a time when marriage became outlawed for young men because Emperor Claudius II wanted single men to go to war. Saint Valentine started marrying couples in secret and eventually was killed for his act of courage. Of course, there are many variations of this story, but this is the one that we felt was most romantic. Could you blame us?

Some people don't believe in the holiday because they think it's just an excuse to buy expensive jewelry and chocolates. Others who don't have a partner prefer to celebrate Galentine's Day on February 13th with their gal pals. In our opinion, Valentine's Day is a holiday for everyone — single or couples. Individuals can choose this day (and every day!) to celebrate themselves. And the best part is, you don't have to break the bank to treat yo'self.

At Adina Eden's Jewels, we've announced a 30% off sitewide jewelry sale for Valentine's Day, which includes new arrivals, too! You don't have to spend your savings on a loved one when you can buy valentine's day gifts at Adina Eden's that are sentimental, of great quality, and within your price range. 

In addition or instead of jewelry, we suggest you invest in a self-care day. Love yourself with bath salts, essential oils, and a journal practice. Choose one thing to do on February 14th that brings you closer to yourself. Even though we all wish we can take care of ourselves every day, it can be difficult to prioritize ourselves. Make it a day that you remember to prioritize yourself — not just your partner or loved ones.

Ahead, learn more about the best valentine's day gift jewelry to gift yourself, a bestie, or a partner. Everyone deserves some love!

Heart X Pearl Charm Paperclip Necklace

This heart pendant chain necklace features our trendy gold paperclip chain made from sterling silver and an enamel heart pendant and pearl hanging in the center. You can stack 'em with multiple heart pendant necklaces or even add other fun charms. Wear it with a tank top for a night out or play it casual with a turtleneck. 

Heart Diamond Illusion Ring 14K

This diamond heart ring is perfect for someone who isn't ready to say "I do" just yet and buy an engagement ring but is ready to make a commitment. If you want to tell your partner that you're serious about them, this is the way to do it! The band comes in 14k gold, 14k white gold, or 14k rose gold. The diamond carat weight is 0.35 CT which will feel like on your hand. With baguette and round brilliant-cut diamonds, this diamond ring gives off a show-stopping sparkle effect that you can't look away from. 

Mini Pavé Heart Threaded Stud Earring 14k 

These heart stud earrings in a pavé setting pair perfectly with drop earrings, hoop earrings, or huggies. With sparkling 14k CZ (cubic zirconia) stones, you won't have to splurge on diamond stud earrings. Wear these earrings with a diamond necklace and most people won't know the difference between the stones unless they look really close. 

Elongated Pave Heart Earring

Buy this pair of heart pendant earrings for the person in your life who is anything but conventional and prefers onyx over silver. From pearl white, turquoise, and onyx, these colors outlined with dazzling CZ stones are anything but ordinary. 

Pavé Lock Necklace

There's nothing that says "connection" more than a locket necklace. This chain necklace can be bought with paperclip and herringbone necklaces — and it still comes out to less than $250 for the set of three. Add to your layers or keep it simple with this one lock necklace that holds the key to your lover's heart. 

How much jewelry is sold on Valentine's Day?

Americans buy $5.8 billion worth of jewelry on February 14th, Valentine's Day. Most people spend around $165 per person. People typically gift a spouse or partner. 

Is it better to buy jewelry before or after Valentine's Day?

It's better to buy jewelry before Valentine's Day so that you can give it to your significant other on the holiday. However, sometimes gifts come late and that's OK, too!

What should you not buy on Valentine's Day?

You shouldn't buy something that your partner wouldn't like. Buy something sentimental and valuable to the person you're giving it to.

What is a good Valentine's Day present?

Typical Valentine's Day gifts include chocolates, teddy bears, jewelry, and balloons. 

What are some Valentine's Day gift ideas?

Aside from chocolates, teddy bears, and jewelry, you can plan a romantic experience like a candlelit dinner or a getaway. 

What are the most popular Valentine's Day gifts?

Godiva chocolate, teddy bears with a heart, and heart jewelry are popular Valentine's Day gifts.


Valentine's day gift ideas are much easier to buy than birthday gifts because you already know the traditional items that are bought for this romantic day. If jewelry is a girl's best friend, then jewelry on Valentine's day is their best friend forever. These are pieces they'll remember for a lifetime and can look back on the love you shared during that timeframe of your relationship. Even if you don't get diamonds, there are so many other options to choose from at Adina Eden's Jewels no matter your price range. 

And, again, Valentine's day is just as much about you as it is about your bestie or lover in your life. So, go ahead and buy yourself a jewelry gift if no one else makes a move first! You don't even have to buy yourself something with a heart. It can just be a piece that you've been eyeing for a while and that holds meaning to you. Every time you wear your V-day gift, we hope you think of love and feel the love that surrounds you.

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