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Feel the love this Valentine’s Day, whether it is exploring the town with your girls or sharing a quiet, romantic dinner with your soulmate. No matter how you plan to spend February 14th, you should look and feel poised and comfortable just being yourself.

Sometimes, all it takes is that little essential addition to show your love and flaunt your confidence and charm, whether it is a chic necklace, an adorable bracelet or an alluring set of hoops. So, forget the boxes of chocolates and love poems. Instead, explore a few elegant jewelry add-ons that can make this day of days truly capture the hearts of those around you based on your amazing self and those you’re celebrating with this V-Day. 


With the Girls

The boys might come and go but your girlfriends will always be there. Get the girls together for celebrating the love and laughs you have with each other. For an evening of sisterly love like this, go big and bold, just like your love is for these girls. A colorful heart pendant necklace full of sparkle and spunk makes the perfect way to captivates the hearts of those around you. Pendant necklaces, bracelets and rings are always a brilliant way to show off your personality and charm and who better to do that around than your girlfriends?


With a New Boo

You two just recently met but hit it off immediately. Things are going well, and this will be your 1st Valentine’s Day together. The questions start running through your head: What to wear?  What’s cute but not too over-the-top? You have to rock something that isn’t too much but gives this amazing guy a clue of the amazing adventures that lay ahead with you.

Turning back to the classics always is a sure-fire winner here. Subtle yet sophisticated. Solid pendant pieces like adorable heart huggies or vintage-inspired jewelry, paired with a flirty cocktail dress will make sure you dazzle all night long. Add a couple chic, thin bangles or a ravishing toggle-chain necklace and you’ll be the talk of the town. Whether it is a quiet dinner in a French café or a lively night out two-stepping at a country bar, his eyes won’t leave you when you flaunt classic styles like these.


With Your One and Only

You were made for each other and it’s time to once again celebrate that ever-lasting love between you both. There’s no better way to commend such a deep love than through a simple gesture of your affection and devotion. Dazzling yet demure is the way to go here. Dainty and delightful luxurious pieces of jewelry will never let you down whether it be a delicate, diamond heart ring or a pair of bejeweled heart huggies.  Pair these beauties with your favorite evening gown for a brilliant look.

Pieces like these are timeless as they speak volumes of your everlasting love while making a stylish addition that you can flaunt effortlessly throughout the year. The sparkle of the diamonds matches the twinkle you have in your eye on this day of love so enjoy a romantic, candlelit dinner while sparkling like the jewel you are in his eyes.


With Your Amazing Self

Before you can love anyone else, you must love yourself. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to do so. Dedicate this day to you and you alone. Celebrate your awesome self however you may choose and look amazing while doing it. Simple gestures that flaunt your poise such as an exquisite diamond-encrusted heart pendant necklace make this day truly yours.

Layer up the look with a series of eye-catching pendant necklaces or charm bracelets to really make your poise pop. Whether it is getting pampered at your favorite spa or enjoying a quiet evening at home with your go-to snacks and desserts galore, you deserve to celebrate and wear the love you have for you.



Valentine’s Day is a day of love for ourselves, our friends, loved ones and family. Rock a series of dazzling jewelry pieces to show off this love for all while making a stylish statement in the meantime. The beauty of this is that you can show off this charm throughout the year so don’t miss out on that chance. Kisses and hugs to all!

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