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From the loveliest lilac to the deepest violet, the hues of amethyst jewelry shine bright as the captivating birthstone of February. While much of the world might be blanketed in snow, this frosty landscape can be the perfect backdrop for an eye-catching pop of purple at any affair. With amethyst jewelry and its amazing array of color, embodying the attitude of this dazzling gem and showing it off, whether in an elegant necklace or a set of crystal earrings, is what will truly set you apart from the crowd of purple pleasers.

For amethyst, it’s all about the bold, the serene, the majestic and the positive. It is the stunning coloring for royalty. It is a source of of serenity and boldness. It is the feeling of positivity. All of this and more is a brilliant way for the gals of February to exhibit their style so let’s break it down into the must-have pieces that will amp up any outfit for a February to remember. 


Be Your Bold and Beautiful Self

To wear amethyst jewelry is to exude confidence and courage; two traits that you already have so wear them loud and proud. This is what it means to be your bold and beautiful self. Nothing says this more than a striking statement piece that will have all eyes on you. Stunning crystal rings paired with a simple yet flirty white cami top-skirt combo is a guaranteed way to portray your boldest and best image. The old fashion rule might be that you can never wear white until after May but we throw the rules out the door because this look is what amethyst is all about. To really dazzle, pair a few cocktail rings and a chic choker with that amethyst statement piece for the bold and beautiful to live on forever. 


Serenade in a Serene Look

While the coloring array of amethyst jewelry is exceptionally vibrant and makes for bold and brilliant wear, it also has a wondrous ability to channel tranquility and serenity. Chic huggies or ear cuffs, adorned in amethyst’s lilac hue, are just the item here. Subtle yet elegant, these beauties add just the right hint of color to a graceful, neutral toned outfit. Go for a bit of a “peek-a-boo” effect when you take that serene pop of purple and rock it with an open back white sweater or dress to give off a demure yet alluring vibe. These types of pairings of both calming to the soul yet attention-grabbing to the crowd all at the same time. Add a couple sleek bangles to the mix for that needed extra touch and you will be totally at peace. 


Make a Majestic Move

In times long past, amethysts were considered crown jewels that only royalty had the rights to wear due to their astounding coloring and aura. Now, walk like the royal you are when you show off the deep violets and irresistible lavenders of amethyst jewelry in your winter wardrobe. Presenting the perfect take of your winter attire: jewel-encrusted wide huggies paired with a graceful silk gown. This is a drop-dead gorgeous look that will exude your majestic nature in a moment. Perfect for an elegant evening soirée, this type of style is the ultimate balance of vibrant beauty and exquisite grace. Pendant necklaces, and a lariat mixed with a cute clutch will put this look over the top and crown you as the Snow Queen of the night. 


Remember, spring is right around the corner and through the sometimes gloomy days of winter, a colorful wardrobe can be just the cure. And the color that cures all wintry woes? Amethyst. Through its energetic glow and vivid hues, amethyst simply dissolves any form of negativity, anxiety or sadness in the blink of an eye. It’s the source of jubilant thoughts for all. To really spread the good vibes through the final full month of winter, rock a floral-patterned mini dress with tights and a pair of crystal eternity bands for a spring-inspired style that highlights pastels and positivity. Thoughts of warmer weather, flowers and patio brunches will be on everyone’s mind when they see you in this outfit. Warm up the look a bit further with a few charm bracelets and a pair of glittery (violet) heels to really make your friends smile. 


February gals are lucky to have amethyst as their own. It’s truly a head-turning gem and color that can easily amp up any outfit. From elegant huggies to shimmering rings to chic necklaces, amethyst dazzles however you wear it so flaunt your sparkling style and shine bright!

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