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Swarovski jewelry can truly amp up the style of any outfit, but it takes a certain design and spirit to really make this type of jewelry stand out of the crowd in a sophisticated and elegant manner. It is one of the ultimate tests of jewelry design and craftsmanship. We worked to give you something new, something simply breathtaking, something that catches the eye and puts you firmly in the spotlight. And here it is.

Enter the Crystals Collection. A line of gorgeous earrings, eternity rings and necklaces, Adina Eden’s embellished with Swarovski® crystals, that creates that irresistible look of sophistication and dazzle we seek. This is a special collection for all Adina Eden’s Gals and we are beyond excited to be able to finally share this stunning Swarovski jewelry line with you. 


A Work of Love Just for You

Shining, shimmering and simply marvelous, these newest crystal jewelry designs, expertly crafted and embellished with Swarovski crystals, come as an act of love for what we strive to do and provide for you.

To make this happen, Adina Eden spent countless days perfecting the designs and structures of colorful eternity bands, trendy necklaces and stunning earrings to ensure they sparkle through the ages. The crystals from Swarovski were perfectly fit for this collection; their crystals are world-class, and we share the same vision to craft remarkable styles for everyday wear.


Eternity Rings, Silver Statement Pieces and Gold Plated Beauties

From dazzling eternity bands to stunning solitaire necklaces, this collection is made up of truly timeless crystal jewelry pieces.  

For the ring fashionistas, dazzle in a rainbow of color forever with the sparkling, multi-colored eternity bands that add a powerful pop of color and pizzazz to any outfit. From lilac purple to emerald green to sweetheart magenta pink, these colorful eternity bands are perfect for stacking and turning heads wherever you go. 

For those that love the glisten of gold, amp up your golden look with a matching set of dazzling eternity bands, crystal studs and an elegant solitaire necklace, all embellished with Swarovski® crystals, to be a true jewel on any occasion. Versatile and eye-catching, these golden crystal jewelry pieces will surely be your “go-tos” from here on out. 

For the silver sirens, make a stunning statement in silver and crystals with a dainty pair of silver crystal studs and a striking single-crystal stone necklace to match. Add an iridescent eternity band to perfect the look. Sophistication and charm become one in these pieces so rock them at formal and casual events alike. 


Exclusive and Limited Availability 

While the Adina Eden’s Jewels Crystals Collection is finally here, it is a limited-edition, exclusive collection with a certain number available for each piece. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. So be sure to drop a hint to your sweetheart to grab these beauties or simply treat yourself to this exceptional collection of stunning Swarovski jewelry. 


Fall in love with the Crystals Collection and our Swarovski jewelry line today and everyday just like we have.

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